Computer Arts logo animation (2019)

College Stress: short animation (2017)

Song: "All Star" by Smash Mouth

Winter Olympics logo animation (2018)

Lyric video (2017)
Song: Spicy Boyfriend - Shawn Wasabi

Fan video for Slow Dancing in the Dark

Song: "Slow Dancing in the Dark" by Joji

"Eri the Cyborg" fake animated intro (2017)

Song: "Misery" by Gate

Bad Suns logo animation (2017)

Song: "Cardiac Arrest" by Bad Suns

"Artificial Love" fake show intro (2018)

Song: "Divinity" by Porter Robinson

Trigger Studio logo animation (2017)

Punch Drunk Love: simple fan animation (2018)

Song: "He Needs Me" from Punch Drunk Love

Character animation (2017)
Original Art credit to Yuumei
Simple animation (2017)
Based on the Joji's music video "Will He"
Film History Exploration: Rebel Without A Cause, Persona, A Woman Under the Influence

New York: Simple Animation (2017)

Song: Serendipity (Instrumental) by BTS

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